End to End Process Design - The Front End and the Back End

Closed Loop has process design expertise based on a broad range or process methodologies including ETOM and ASOM. We have experience designing processes across the customer lifecycle from creating the prospect/customer to retaining/supporting the customer.

Closed Loop has designed processes across a broad range of customer lifecycle phases. We’ve also defined processes for a number of leading customer lifecycle software applications.


• Marketing Processes

We work with stakeholders from marketing, 3rd party agencies, and inbound/outbound channels to define direct campaign & offer processes to support business and system requirements. We provide end to end coverage of marketing processes across all channels (e.g. call center, retail, direct mail, and web). With process experience across multiple marketing & CRM applications, we can design processes based on the software application being implemented. Proven process design experience with leading marketing & CRM applications including ePiphany, SAS Marketing Automation, Amdocs, and Siebel (Oracle).

Typical marketing process coverage includes:

• Generate leads
• Define campaigns/offers
• Generate lists
• Execute campaigns across channels
• Track and measure campaigns across channels
• Create/update products & offers
• New product introduction
• Develop customer modeling
• Analyze customer modeling


• Customer Care Sales Processes

We work with stakeholders from call centers, retail, web, marketing, sales, and fulfillment/provisioning to map end to end sales ordering processes from customer acquisition to customer retention. Proven process experience with leading CRM, Ordering, and Marketing applications including Amdocs, Siebel (Oracle), ePiphany, and PeopleSoft (Oracle).

Typical customer care sales process coverage includes:

• Creating quotes/orders
• Create customer/prospect
• Select/configure products & offers
• Recommend/sell products & offers
• Retain/save customer
• Capture campaign/offer responses
• Fulfill/provision orders
• Cross-channel process integration (call center, retail, web)


• Customer Support Processes

We work with stakeholders from the call center, retail, web, customer operations, technical support, and finance to map end to end customer support processes. Proven process experience in this area with leading CRM, Billing, and Financial applications including Amdocs, Siebel (Oracle), and PeopleSoft (Oracle).

Typical customer support process coverage includes:

• Manage customer & product inquiries
• Manage customer profile/account changes
• Manage billing issues/complaints
• Manage technical support issues


• Internal Support Processes

We work with stakeholders from customer operations, inventory, network maintenance/support, credit operations, loss prevention, and IT to map back office and administrative support processes. Proven process experience in this area with leading CRM, Ordering, Collections, Billing, and Security applications including Amdocs and Siebel (Oracle).

Typical back-office support process coverage includes:

• Manage collections activities
• Manage inventory controls
• Manage network maintenance
• Administer customer billing activities
• IT application administration activities
• Manage role-based authorization (application security)